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Ruffwear Flagline Lightweight Dog Lead

The Flagline Lead is a fast, light, and versatile hands-free dog lead that keeps dog-and-human duos in their flow. The side-release buckle provides adjustability as a waist-worn lead, or can be fully extended for a hand-held configuration. Built with webbing inspired by rock climbing slings and runners known for their impressive strength-to-weight ratio, it comes together with a stealthy pick-up bag pocket and the strong, low-profile lockable Crux Clip™ for a nimble design that honors your connection and momentum.

Length: 6.5 ft (1.9 m)
Webbing Width: 8 in (20 mm)

Why it's great for adventures?

  • Hands-free Use
  • Minimal Design
  • Light & Strong

Ruffwear Flagline Multi-use Dog Leash

- Side-release buckle for adjustability and wearing around the waist for hands-free running, hiking, and walking.
- Light, strong webbing packs down small for easy stowing.
- Lockable Crux Clip™️ for a light, strong connection.
- UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular-weight Polyethylene) webbing is light, strong, and colorfast.
- Low-profile pick-up bag stash pocket.

Sizing & Specs

Ruffwear Flagline Dog Leash

Length: 6.5 ft (1.9 m)
Webbing Width: 8 in (20 mm)

Webbing: Ultra High Molecular-weight Polyethylene
Hardware: Lockable Crux Clip™

Hand wash
Mild detergent
Air dry