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This soft cat and kitten flea collar contains an insecticide that kills fleas on your cat and prevents their return for up to 4 months. Each collar is soft and comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to fit most sized cats. Available in a range of fashionable colours, with a reflective option for night time catventurers. 


- Safety buckle
- Silver bell
- Adjustable
- UK authorised veterinary medicinal product
- Lasts up to 4 months 
- 18% w/w 
- Soft and comfortable velvet or reflective material

Sizing & Specs

Size guide:
Suitable for cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age
One size fits all (cut to size)
Best for small-medium cats 

Made from:
Each collar contains 465mg (18% w/w) Permethrin (Cis:Trans 40:60) which is pyrethroid. Please refer to 


What does this adjustable flea collar do?
The coating of insecticide gets to work on repelling and killing fleas on your cat. Due to the nature of fleas which also live in carpets and bedding, you should also treat these areas regularly to ensure a flea-free home and vehicle.

Is this flea collar for cats safe?
Yes, however you should not use if your cat is less than 12 weeks old, if your cat is sick or getting over an illness and never allow the collar to come into contact with pregnant or nursing queens or aquatic wildlife.
Also, do not use any other flea control products on your cat whilst using this product or within 7 days of removing it. Further advisories can be found on the packaging at time of use.    

How do I use this cat flea collar?
Only remove the collar from packaging until ready to use. Fasten around your cat's neck (coloured side facing outwards), leaving enough room to insert two fingers between the collar and neck - remember to loosen the collar if fitted on to a growing cat. Cut off any collar sticking out beyond the buckle and dispose off.