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Reflective Cat Bandana Collar


- Fit onto collars, harnesses or around the neck
- Lightweight and comfortable
- Clear vivid Travfurler catch-phrase on our green cat bandana collar
- Soak in water for use as a cooling bandana 
- Your pet's must-have travel fashion accessory
- NEW: Option to add reflective materials for night/low-light adventures


Ensure your Cat is Visible with a Reflective Cat Bandana Collar

Adventure cat bandanas made from soft, comfortable polycotton. Available in two fitting options and multiple sizes within each, to make sure you can find the perfect fit. No matter your cat's breed, size or collar/harness preference. We even fit kitten bandanas.

REFLECTIVE CAT BANDANA Collar: Now with the option to upgrade the text to a reflective vinyl (that exceeds the minimum values set by EN ISO 20471) which when illuminated by light will help your cat be easily seen in the dark (high-vis cat bandana collar).


Switch your cat's blank cat bandanas for our safe cat bandanas. 

- Pet safe materials and fittings
- Printed custom Travfurler text on all cat bandanas 
- On-the-collar fitting option ideal for cat's who prefer to wear a collar
- Hook and loop fitting option ideal for c's who prefer to wear a harness or no collar/harness
- Low-price UK and worldwide delivery
- Cat safety bandana upgrade available with reflective font

Sizing & Specs


Cat bandanas UK  
Made from:
Soft, comfortable polycotton and (reflective) vinyl 

On-the-collar fitting sizes (slip on cat bandana collar):

XS - 10cm width, 8cm drop with a collar channel of 2.5cm

S - 12cm width, 9.5cm drop with a collar channel of 3cm

M - 19cm width, 11.5cm drop with a collar channel of 3cm
L - 26cm width, 15cm drop with a collar channel of 4.5cm

XL -35cm width, 20cm drop with a collar channel of 6.5cm

Hook and loop fitting sizes (velcro cat bandana collar):

S - 15cm-30cm

M - 30cm-39cm

L - 39cm-47cm
XL - 47cm-62cm

XXL - 60cm-74cm

Please note, due to fabric space available the XS cat bandanna will not include the full logo/phrase and will instead only include the icon.
For smaller sizes please visit our Dog Bandana

Sizing chart suggestions based on average cat and dog collar sizes: 


How to measure?

On-the-collar fitting sizes:
We suggest measuring the front half of your cat's collar to give guidance on the correct size. Also, check the collar height matches the collar channel (especially with chunky collars).

Hook and loop fitting sizes:
We suggest measuring the full way around your cat's neck to give guidance on the correct size. If you would like a tight fit, opt for using the smaller number in the size range as a guide. If you would like a looser fit (for over other clothing/accessories), opt for using the larger number in the size range as a guide.

Please contact us if you need any help with sizing.


Can this be used as a cooling bandana?

Yes, our Travfurler themed bandanas double-up as cooling bandanas. Simply soak or spray with water and place on your pet for lightweight cooling.


How to clean?

Sponge any dirt off gently with a warm cloth.


What is EN ISO 20471?

ISO 20471 set's a standard on photometric value on high-visibility clothing and materials to ensure they are able to visibly signal the wearer in all light levels. 
Our upgraded reflective pet bandanas feature reflective film that meets these standards. Meaning your pet can be seen clearly whilst wearing their high visibility dog bandana.