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Travfurler Pet ID Tags

Have your pet proudly show their Travfurler status and stay safe whilst travelling!

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  • Lightweight and durable

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Space for custom text

  • Two size options

Did you know here in the UK, it's illegal to take your dog to a public space without a collar with the name and address of their owner inscribed on it, or engraved on a pet ID tag attached to it?

Should you ever do the unthinkable and misplace your cat or dog, we can ensure they have a chance of being safely returned to you! 

No, they won’t come swinging round on a conveyor belt or down the returns aisle from us with a cheeky look on their face, but for safety we do strongly recommend these pet ID tags are utilised around the world for all travel pets.

If your companion is lost or stolen whilst adventuring, you can stay safe in the knowledge that they will be carrying details on how to find their way back to you with our Travfurler pet ID tags and you will also become one of the many thousands in our Instagram Travfurler tribe routing for your pet to find their way home!


Travfurler Pet ID Tag Features

  • Made from strong metal alloy with smooth edges which are mirror polished and nickel plated 

  • Add custom text onto the back including address details, so your pet can always find their way back to you 

  • Crisp image display and clear, easy to read text 

  • Lifetime guarantee and free split ring included

  • FREE UK DELIVERY and only £2.50 worldwide delivery

Engraved Dog Tags | Engraved Cat Tags 

Personalise the back of your ID tag for free with some text (Please allow up to three days extra):

1. Add your chosen size of tag to the basket.
2. In the order notes box input your chosen text.

Maximum of 4 lines

Maximum of 25 characters per line including the spaces
3. Complete purchase.


Travfurler Pet ID Tags Specifications


The pet ID tags are made from Nickel plated metal alloy.

Size options: 
Small = 24 mm (15/16") in diameter (best for small-medium cats and small dogs)

Large = 32 mm (1 1/4") in diameter (best for large cats and medium-large dogs) 


How to use the pet ID tags?

- Choose your favourite design
- Add your custom text
- Order
- Hang on your pet's collar or harness
- Adventure!

Travfurler Pet ID tag designs currently available? 

I'm A Travfurler 

How to clean pet ID tags and what does the guarantee cover?

- Best wiped clean with soap and water 

- Disclaimer: AVOID using chemically based cleaners or persistently expose to salt water since this can cause the nickel plating to lift and will void the guarantee. 

Guarantee We guarantee that the personalised text on your tag will always be legible. If the text on your tag should ever become unreadable we will replace your tag free of charge. Our Guarantee DOES NOT cover general wearing of the tag and any other circumstances other than the tag becoming illegible. Our guarantee does not cover illegible tags which are as a result of being chewed by a pet.

In order for us to replace your tag, we will need your original tag posted back to us along with a proof of purchase (Please note, Travfurler will not be liable for any return postage costs on tags returned). Returned tags which we deem to have been tampered with will not be covered under our Guarantee. You will not be given the option of changing your design or text. Your replacement tag will be an exact replica of the original tag. We recommend tags are sent back to us using a 'signed for' service. We will not accept any responsibility for any items lost in the post & will not be able to replace any tags lost in transit.

Help with shipping? 

We ship all across the UK and worldwide, via a range of couriers and delivery timelines.

For Pet ID tags these include:

- £2.50 worldwide delivery

The cost of the various shipping options available to you can be seen once products are added to your basket, before you reach the checkout screen.

For a full breakdown of the shipping details please refer to our shipping policy found here:

 Travfurler Shipping policy

Help with returns? 

We run a 30 days return policy and want all our customers to be 100% satisfied. 
In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied we ask that you contact us on We aim to respond within 24 hours. You will be given the choice to return the pet tag for a full refund or choose a replacement. (Please note, Travfurler will not be liable for any return postage costs on pet tags returned).

Where a mistake has been made on our part we will happily replace the pet ID tag or offer a full refund. However, if a mistake was made by the customer when providing the text details Travfurler will not be liable. For this reason we ask that you check & re check all details provided.

You can find out more about our returns and refund policies here: 

Travfurler Returns & refunds policy 

Other cat and dog ID tag designs available: 


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  • Size Guide  
  • Personalisation

Small = 24 mm (15/16") in diameter (best for small-medium cats and small dogs)

Large = 32 mm (1 1/4") in diameter (best for large cats and medium-large dogs) 

Personalise the back of your ID tag for free with some text:

1. Add your chosen size of tag to the basket.
2. In the order notes box input your chosen text.

Maximum of 4 lines

Maximum of 25 characters per line including the spaces
3. Complete purchase.