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Tweed Slip on Collar Bandana

Welcome to the home of quirky, fashionable Tweed bandanas for your puppies, dogs and cats! 
If you are looking for cat or dog slip on collar bandana with a little class and sophistication for your pets then avoid plain dog bandanas and try this attachable tweed bandana. Our tweed bandanas are available in a variety of sizes ready to be worn by your favourite companion. 

Our tweed range allows you to have multiple matching accessories with your pet! You can now treat the pet in your life to some matching tweed by pairing this bandana with our other accessories, such as the tweed bag, tweed lead and collars. All items are beautifully finished, and are world famous for their superior fit and finish and will suite all cat and dog breeds. 

The pooch bandanas are simple to use and slide on to your dogs collar via an opening on both sides of the bandana and it’s just as easy to remove. They have a genuine ‘Tweedmill Textiles’ label sewn into the side just to help remind you of the quality of the material.  

The British designed tweed collars are made with high quality and premium long-lasting materials. 

Please note: No collar is included with the bandana, however we do have matching tweed collars available.

Dog Neck Scarves

We have heard them be called dog neck scarves, cat scarves, pet bandanas, puppy bandanas and cat neckerchiefs. The name makes no difference, generally speaking they are all the same kind of product. No matter where you travel, where you are from and how you want to use them, they are available to you on our website. Just make sure you don’t buy a large for a kitten otherwise you may be calling it an apron! 

A message from Travfurler and Tweedmill:

The Tweedmill brand, established over 45 years, manufactures using traditional workmanship & modern technology. Producing a high quality textile range of pet products which are made from a a variety of canine and feline tweed collections. These tweed collections will add an everlasting style to every pet, human and their travel pack.


Each tweed cat and dog themed bandana is British made and has an opening collar to slide into.

This traditional tweed dog and cat bandana is a classic, stylish and durable pet bandana choice. The tweed neckerchief for pets were made for travelling with pets, roaming the countryside or exploring the city and even further afield. Have your pet take their British style all over with these posh pet bandanas!

You can view the rest of the Tweed collection here.

Sizing & Specs

Tweed Slip On Collar Bandana Sizes

Small – 19.5x13cms
Medium – 26x16cms
Large – 31.5x18cms

Colour code - 15 Tweed (green dog/cat bandana colour)


How to look after your Tweedmill pet bandana?

Wash the Tweedmill pet neckerchief according to the instructions written on the care label. Ensure you cold wash these bandanas to ensure they hold their shape and remain as pristine as when you first receive it. 

Where is the Tweed fabric UK from?

Established since 1971, the Tweedmill brand is renowned for it's quality, innovation and reliability. The UK based manufacturer produces high quality British made high quality textile products from it's factory in Wales including Welsh Tweed across a range of products including the Tweedmill blanket, scarves and interior pieces.

Why do dogs and cats wear bandanas? 

Some love to be fashionable, some owners love the meaning behind their personal bandana and some pet owners just want to share their love for tweed funky dog bandanas with their pets.

Another reason pet owners use a bandana is so they can keep their pets calm during trips or times when they may feel anxious and nervous. Bandanas can be sprayed with natural calming products such as our Pet Remedy calming spray which further enables the calming effect. 

Can both dogs and cats wear these?

Yes. These work great as a slip on dog bandana and also as a cat bandana too. Like any accessories for pets, you should make sure your dogs and cats feel comfortable wearing any product.