The Cat Map by Supakit

The Cat Map by Supakit

Find Cat friendly hotels, Cat-loving businesses plus Parks and trails where dogs tend to be leashed.

Your harness-trained kitty is excited for outdoor adventures - but where can you take your cat to have fun in an environment that is cat-friendly and safe?

If you venture outdoors with your cat, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time researching and scouting out cat-friendly locations to visit together! Speaking to our ‘cat exploring’ friends around the world, we realised that we’ve each built up our own personal lists of cat friendly hotels, cat-loving businesses, and parks and trails where dogs tend to be leashed and that are safe for kitties to explore. It got us thinking - wouldn’t it be great if we could pool our collective knowledge about the BEST places to hang out with our cats?

So we built the ‘Cat Map’ to do just that!

Find Cat-Friendly Locations Near You - The Cat Map | Supakit®

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