15 Pet Travel Tips to help Pet Parents travel with their Pets!

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15 Pet Travel Tips to help Pet Parents travel with their Pets!



1. Pet Crate Sizes for Pet Air Travel 


A crate or carrier must be well ventilated regardless of the material it is made from. They should be able to manoeuvre into every different position you can imaging and do it comfortably. Ensure they feel like it is home before you leave (not 10 minutes before). 


As of 2020 we are seeing more and more crates which; fit in as furniture at home allowing your pets to feel comfy in them, then you can collapse their little pet house/bed and spring it back up for pet travel making pets feel like they never left home.  


2. Pet Friendly Trips - Lodges, Hotels and Restaurants


When visiting places with your travel pets such as pet friendly hotels, pet friendly lodges, museums, cafes, pubs or even just 'my pet's best friend', ensure you have done your research first to check if it is pet friendly! To do this, use an app such as Trip Advisor and find the place, then in the reviews section you can search on a keyword or term, type in 'dog' or 'cat' or 'pet'. This will show any reviews which have mentioned if it is pet friendly. Don't just assume this is correct, follow it up with a phone call. This will save you from disappointment and time wasting. 


As of September 2020 Hotels.com are looking for 'Creature Critics' to review pet friendly hotels! A perfect job for any Travfurler? 


3. Pet ID Tags for Pet Travel 


It is imperative that you have your pet microchipped for international pet travel but you should also include proper identification prior to travfurling. Pet ID tags will ensure a way for your pet to be returned to you, should you be separated and Pet tags are cheap to purchase and there should be no need for deliberation. 

Available here


4. Motion Sickness during Pet Car Travel 


It happens to us and it can happen to pets too. They can feel ropey and even anxious when travelling. Supplements and even our calming kits can help with this. If the motion is too much for them, there is a chance they could be sick. To prevent this, try skipping a meal on that day before your pet travels. This does improve things. 


5. Driving with Pets 


If you are planning a long road trip with your pets, build them up to it first and find the best dog car harness for them. Take them on short rides, get them used to the stop and start motion and the radio (not too loud), the windows being up and down. This will all make life much easier for that trip to the the Euro-Tunnel by car (If you are in Europe). 


6. Hot Days and Parked Cars


We have seen adverts, many have preached, windows have been smashed, pets have died. It has been mentioned many times before, but do not leave your pets in a hot, stuffy vehicle on a warm day. Even with windows open, the vehicle can become an absolute furnace for them under their fur and cause heat stroke. 


7. Cold Days and Parked Cars 


Just like hot days, cold days and leaving your pets in the car can be dangerous too. It can become ice cold and very dangerous and we know how much cats and dogs love to join you under the blanket which is an obvious sign they feel the cold like we do especially in extreme temperatures. 


8. Copies of Pet Documents for Pet Travel 


Health documents and passports packed, check. Good, all set to go over international waters 'bon voyage' and then they all slip out of a plastic wallet into the sea as you were boarding the ferry. Not ideal, but you made copies both on paper and photographed on your phone for backup right, right? 


9. Superior Pet Travel Equipment 


If you were hiking Everest would you go cheap on your travel equipment? Maybe you would, but that would be a risky strategy and it would hinder you if not potentially kill you. Pet travel isn't necessarily Everest but some people really know how to adventure so ensure you have premium pet travel products. This could include GPS trackers, dog or cat carriers, items to stay warm and cool, easy hydration and the list goes on and on. 


10. Puppy and Kitten Travel - Start them young 


So long as it is safe and all initial precautions have been taken, start them young with your travels. You can acclimate them to car travel, plane travel, train travel, sounds, noises, people, other pets. This way, they will not be jumpy and socialisation will be a joy and they will eventually be dragging you out of the door. 


11. Crate Identification for Pet Travel 


This is a good little tip. You can mark your crate with 'Live Animals' if they are not going to be with you (sad face). Adding your details, their name, and a picture of them on the crate could prove very useful should the worst scenario happen. 


12. Pet Hydration with a Pet Water Bottle


We have a few blogs on hydration and pet water bottles, so I will keep it short and sweet. Keep them hydrated and have a pet water bottle which is easy to use and doesn't tip all the water away on their first sip! Frequent stops, hydration and more hydration if they are eating dry food when on your travels. 


13. Pet Travel Bundle 


Not sure what to take with you or how to get started? Try a ready made pet bundle for all of your different travel adventures. With a pet water bottle, a tick pick, collapsible bowls etc. you will have a good chunk of everything you need to get travfurling! 


14. Pets in the Car Window


It's nice to open the car window slightly to allow a breeze for your pets. However, pets should not put their head out of the window as they really could be injured or killed by a passing or flying object. 

Fact: Most pet owners know this, yet how many pictures on the internet show a smiling dog with its head out of a car window! Bizarre but we are probably guilty of using a similar picture too. 


15. Seat Covers for Pet Travel 


These could be required for many different reasons in many different countries. From sand, to water, to mud and smelly particles there is probably a good chance your pet, especially a dog will roll in it. To ensure your car is not covered in it, seat covers can be a life saver! 


We will follow this up with a part 2 as there are so many tips to list! 


Happy Travfurling! 



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