Can I Use Bitter Apple to Prevent Dogs From Chewing?

Can I Use Bitter Apple to Prevent Dogs From Chewing?

When your adventure puppy is ready to join you on your holidays the last thing you need is them chewing furniture in that nice air bnb or pet friendly hotel you booked. This may leave you wondering how to prevent this. Let me show you how to use bitter apple to prevent dogs from chewing






Can I Use Bitter Apple to Prevent Dogs From Chewing?

To stop dogs from chewing and licking furniture you can try applying some homemade bitter apple spray to the items. It is a great non-toxic deterrent which will prevent your dog from further chewing or licking. It is unpleasant for them but it's also harmless.



Why Do Dogs Chew?

According to ASPCA, it is a dogs way of exploring the world. It can relieve pain for puppies who have teeth coming through and for older dogs it keeps jaws strong and teeth clean. It's also great to relieve frustration and mild forms of anxiety.


Give them something to chew on! 

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A key age when teeth start to erupt is three to eight weeks. We would expect them to potentially have a go at chewing items in your home as at this age they are unlikely to be out travelling and exploring with you. They need to be adapting to their surroundings.

Bitter apple will help protect your home at this stage but they next stage is also a vital one and that is at four to six months. At this age their teeth will gradually be replaced by permanent teeth which is likely to trigger more chewing and this is probably at a time when you are visiting family with them and are touring the world in air bnb', holiday homes and hotels and getting them used to exploring and travelling with you. This is the time when you need to protect them deposits you pay and help save the furniture from your mini terrapin.

Remember not just to use things to prevent chewing, they do need to chew so give them something to chew on such as a long lasting natural dog chew.


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What Is Bitter Apple?





Bitter apple is typically made from white vinegar, apple cider vinegar and water. Some people will replace the apple cider vinegar with lemon juice but it depends on which of the two your dog detests the most. Off the shelf products can have other additives so always ensure you read the labels first, especially if you are going to apply it to your dogs skin and on furniture.



    Why Would You Use Bitter Apple?

    People use it to deter their pets from chewing and licking anything they shouldn't.



    Should Bitter Apple Go Direct on the Dog or on the Items? 

    If your dog is licking an injury then you can apply it to them however, some common sense must be used here. You can apply this close to wounds but not near enough that it could go into the wound. You wouldn't want lemon juice, apple cider or cayenne going into your open cut or eyes and neither do they. It will sting and you will need to wash, rinse and repeat many times. Again common sense is key here. You can apply it to the items which is the most common use but make sure you test it on a very small patch first to ensure you do not stain anything.



    Can You Spray Bitter Apple Direct in a Dogs Mouth?

    I wouldn't suggest it. A lick or two is fine but spraying it in their mouth could give them copious amounts which wouldn't be good for them.



    Is Bitter Apple Bad for Dogs?

    It's not toxic and is one of the most common mixtures used by people with puppies so it is not bad for dogs when used in the right way. 



    Can I Buy Bitter Apple Spray?

    You can buy ready made, over the counter sprays such as Grannick's from pets at home.


    bitter apple spray



    What if My Dog Likes the Taste of Bitter Apple and Lemon?


    Then it's time to pull out the big guns and sprinkle in a healthy dash of cayenne. You may see them sneeze a few times and pull a funny face but then you know you have got it right. I must say here a little disclaimer: Think about what you are adding and what furniture you are applying this to. A wooden table leg or surface is fine but test it on a very small, hidden area of furniture before you apply it. If these options fail, then try the good stuff and get them a chew they would prefer over your furniture. 


    Here's a selection of dog treats and chews which are great for when travelling with pets. 

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    How Do You Make Homemade Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs?


    You will need a spray bottle. I can't stress this enough, don't use an old one from the cupboard. You are about to put in a liquid which your dog is likely to lick and consume when sprayed. If there is any reminiscence of previous chemicals despite washing it out well, you will risk having your puppy fall very ill. Use a new bottle and remove the risk.


    Use a measuring cup to add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of white vinegar. To slightly dilute the vinegar down especially if you want to spray it on your dog then add 1 cup of water to the mix. Now for the volcanic ingredient, add a healthy dash of cayenne to that mix. Mix it up and then it's time for the moment of truth, spray it to something and see if your dog likes it or avoids it.


    We once added chemicals to a water tank in our motorhome. It was cleaned out but no matter what there was a chemical element which remained and the unit had to be replaced. At the worst this would have left us a bad tasting water but in your case you may have a poisonous substance which your dog could consume.


    How Long Does the Bitter Apple Scent Last?

    Apply it every two weeks to ensure it remains effective until you no longer need to use it.


    In Conclusion

    To conclude, you can use bitter sprays such as bitter apple to prevent dogs from chewing and ruining yours or anybody else's furniture. Be careful on how you might apply it to a dogs skin or how you use it on furniture, ensure you test is on small patches first and avoid applying it on pets in sensitive areas such as near wounds or the eyes. I hope this article has given you an idea of what bitter apple is, how you can make it yourself and most importantly helped to prevent your dog from chewing! 



    Happy Travfurling!


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