Tips for Travelling with Pets to Southampton, UK

Tips for Travelling with Pets to Southampton, UK

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Your Pet Travel Questions Answered


Are dogs allowed on Southampton beaches? There are beaches which allow dogs but they must remain under control and supervision by the owners at all times. 

Are dogs allowed in the West Quay shopping centre?

Pets are not allowed inside the shopping mall, but can stroll around the grounds outside. 



Our Recommendations for Travelling with Pets


This article is primarily about travelling with pets to Southampton but lets start with some facts about Southampton! 


Southampton, Hampshire in the United Kingdom (England).


How many people live here? 




What is it famous for?


You might have heard of the Titanic which started its journey from here. The old town is quite nice. There are plenty of boats and yachts as you are right by the sea and the Isle of Wight is only 30 minutes away on a simple ferry ride which is pet friendly! 



Most Popular Pets in Southampton


Hampshire people love their dogs and love meeting horses and other animals in the New Forest. The New Forest is only 4 miles from Southampton and it is pretty magical for both you are your pets. 



The Weather

Southampton has seen the temperature get as high as 35 degrees Celsius and drop as low as -9 degrees Celsius. English weather is fascinating but not the best. Southampton is typically warmer than the North of England and avoids the sharp cold winds of the North. 



Tips for Best Instagram Pet Spots

If you want some photos around some yachts and nice bars in the summer then go down to the 'Ocean Village Marina'. You can walk around their with your pets and sit outside the bars and restaurants for a drink and food whilst your furry friend basks in the sunshine. 


Ocean village travel pet holiday



Pet Travel Accessories to Take with you

There are opportunities to go out on different types of boats, just maybe leave the ribeye boat off the list with your's a rough ride! If you do go near the water then consider a dog or cat life jacket and don't forget the pet friendly sun wipes if it's a warm day! 



Pet Friendly Restaurants

Bacaro. They do tapas and if you go for a sharing Sunday roast dinner, you wont be disappointed. Call ahead and ask for a table which is dog friendly and you will get a nice sized one near the bar. 

 Always be aware of the pet policy in restaurants!


Pet Friendly Play & Walking Areas

Royal Victoria Country Park.

New Forest is a must for the 4 miles you must travel out of Southampton.

Dog in New forest #Travfurler

 freida.pug in the New Forest


Transport Methods with Pets

You are mostly going to use a car to travel around Southampton. Buses in the UK do allow pets: 

  • Arriva
  • First Group
  • Go-Ahead Group
  • Stagecoach

 National Express does not allow pets. 



Accomodation - Pets Welcome

If you want to dine with your dog and go somewhere very nice, then try the New Place Hotel

If you are looking for more budget friendly: Try The Navigator which is still very nice!

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