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Cat Feeding & Hydration

Cat Feeding and Hydration

It's important to keep your adventure cat hydrated and well-fed whilst travelling. The best and most convenient ways to do this can be found in our travel cat feeding and hydration collection. Full of collapsible cat bowls, a patented cat water bottle and easy ways to clean up after cats whilst travelling with collapsible biodegradable litter trays and mini poop bags for cats. 


Cats are very finicky animals. They don't always take kindly to people trying to feed or hydrate them and will often turn their noses up at food that is offered if they aren't hungry. This can be frustrating for owners who want to do what's best for their cats but have trouble getting them to eat the right foods or hydrate, especially when travelling with them. So we provide many of the basics through to very cool gadgets that will help you with cat feeding and hydration so you can better fulfil your cats' needs!


Cat Drinking from Bottles

Cats drinking from bottles are always cute, no matter what they do. Take a look at this video of cats drinking milk out of bottles and see for yourself! This is too hilarious to pass up watching. No one can pull off the "milk moustache" like these kitties. It's just incredible how much they enjoy it.


Cat Feeding Bowls

There are a few different bowls you can use for your cat's food and water. Some people prefer to use dome-shaped feeders that make it difficult for the cat to spill the food all over the place. Others like to use deep, wide bowls so their cats can't splash water out when they drink. Then there are collapsible bowls which are very lightweight and convenient for travel.

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