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Dog Coats With Underbelly

Waterproof Dog Coats with Underbelly

Here is our range of waterproof and water-resistant dog coats for when the rainy months are here to stay. These coats offer everything from fleece material right through to full bodysuits for the ultimate protection for your dog.


The dog coats are from some of the most renowned brands, not just those solely in the pet market. Rukka, Trespaws and Danish Design are just some of the leading brands offering this excellent quality for a perfect fit for your pup.


All of the coats are made to be durable for everyday use while staying strong against the elements, so all you need to do is pick out your new friend's style and enjoy the rainy day walks ahead.


Rukka Fleece Dog Coat

The Rukka brand is known for its top-quality waterproof materials - perfect for keeping your pup warm and dry! This coat comes in a fleece material, soft for fantastic comfort while not compromising weatherproofing. In addition, the coat has reflective strips along both sides of the body to help ensure people can see you are out with your four-legged friend. The fleece material is also perfect for keeping your dog warm, while the waterproof exterior sheds any water that may get onto it.


Danish Design Dog Coat

Danish Design has been the leading brand for both trained and pet dogs. Their ranges offer excellent quality; this is no exception with their high-quality Dog Coat. This coat comes in a waterproof material, ensuring your pup stays dry and cosy - perfect for those rainy days! Some of the range also offers dog coats with a harness portal hole so you can wear a harness underneath.

Trespaws Fleece Dog Coat

The Trespaws range offers fantastic coats made from high-quality materials - offering reversible materials, fleece, bright yellow colours and even waxed dog coats. We hold a great range of Trespaws dog accessories which has been born from a fantastic parent long-standing brand known as 'Trespass'. 


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