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Travel Poop Porter

Bag it, poop-porter it and bin it with a travel poop porter. 

Being a responsible pet owner has it's requirements, picking up poop being one big step. Unfortunately it's not always easy to find bins, especially out in the sticks. That's where the travel poop porter comes in.

  •   Carries used poo bags so you don't need too
  •   Dual function (space to hold used and new poo bags)
  •   Small and lightweight
  •   Carabiner/Cord for easy attachment 

Travel Poop Porter Features

Simply slip the knot of the used poop bag through the big hole and let your pet's lead carry the Poop for you, until that poop bin magically appears. Poop Porter can also hold a few new poo bags, ready for that next emergency situation. 

  • Small hole for carrying new poop bags​

  • Large hole for carrying knotted used poop bag

  • Strong karabiner clip or flex cord to attach to your dog leash, belt loop, or bag​

  • Small and lightweight rubber for easy storage and carrying

Sizing & Specs

Travel Poop Porter Specs

Weight: 25g
Dimensions: 13cm H x 7cm W x 5mm D
Made from: Soft PVC (with steel carabiner or pvc cord)