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Seasonal Pet Travel

Travelling with Pets through the Seasons!

One of the biggest challenges of travels with pets is taking on all kinds of seasonal changes, together. As the seasons change, each new season brings different temperatures, weather and nature. With each of these comes different challenges, which we aim to help you overcome.

In Spring and Summer you'll find temperatures usually peak, which means you'll need cooling products such as pet cooling mats, pet cooling bandanas and pet cooling vests. As the sun is exposed more you'll be looking for pet sun protection such as pet safe sunscreen, pet googles and pet cover-ups. Outside of the weather, warmer times of the year bring out certain pesky creatures more than usual such as fleas and ticks so don't forget your pet flea repellent shampoo and pet tick remover when travelling with pets in Summer or Spring.

In Autumn and Winter as temperatures being to drop and if you're lucky, snow may even appear the main goal is of course to keep your pet warm and cosy. We hepl you do this with a range of pet jumpers and pet coats, some which are also waterproof and storm-proof. Usually the days set earlier across the later time of the year which means you'll need to make sure you can keep your pet visibile in low-light adventures, we can help with this from a range of pet safety lights, reflective pet bandanas and neon reflective pet leashes. Also don't forget pet paw balm or pet booties for keeping the toe beans safe from hazards on the ground and a heat pad for super cold nights!

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