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Archer is a 1 year old domestic shorthair. A handsome #adventurecat with grey tabby and harlequin white features - AKA #cowcat.

He loves exploring his beautiful home country of Canada, his favourite adventures so far being a trip to #niagarafalls (pictured) and exploring the city of #montreal.

Whilst #catsploring the cultural and artistic city of Montreal, Archer found many sights. Graffiti, statues and lots of water fountains downtown. He was intrigued by all the beautiful colours on the streets, but wanted to dash away from the water fountains!

On his #catventure to Niagara Falls Archer enjoyed the stunning wonder of nature. Including picturesque blue skies, misty air and a phenomenal force of water. This time he didn’t need to make a dash for it as instead he could observe one of the biggest waterfalls from a distance. To add extra adventure he followed a magic hiking trail, where the path was steep and slippery. He had fun playing in the green moss and all that nature had created.

Whilst not adventuring, Archer can be found playing with his favourite toys at home, springs or elastic bands - Great tools for getting in those daily zoomies!

Fun fact: Whilst Archer was very young, his humans had to change ALL the doorknobs in their home to round shaped since he learnt how to open them. No one was going to stop this #cleverkitty!

A gorgeous little #explorer with lots of friends and plenty of Canadian adventures ahead!

Find out more about him on Instagram - @archer_the_catcher
Or visit his blog at