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A luxury travelling pooch from Spain.
Sniffing out the best #dogfriendly spots Europe has to offer as doggy reviewer for Exotik Traveler. 

Find out more about her on Instagram - @nutbabylion


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Exotik Traveler

ExotikTraveler is a luxury travel design and consultancy firm which creates unique experiences for luxury travelers, tailored to their needs, one of their expert areas is Luxury Pet Travel throughout Europe. Check out their Instagram page to see the best places reviewed by Nut, number one boss @Exotiktraveler  

Based in Madrid, Spain, and many years of hard work developing her company, Carmen has worldwide loyal clients and is grateful to have a growing clientele that proudly recommend her services and repeat. Carmen focuses on the design of luxury travel experiences around the world, maintaining high quality standards for demanding worldwide customers and servicing above their expectations. 
Their personal experience has taught them how to grow clientele in social media, conscious of how important brand image and first impression are in social media channels. Carmen knows in depth the needs and demands of the luxury travel industry and of high-demand clients
If you would like to contact Carmen and Nut to plan your next dog friendly vacation, please use this contact page.