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Pet Friendly Travel Destinations, Activities & Accommodation

The Cat Map by Supakit
The Supakit Cat Map is a FREE worldwide community-sourced google map where anybody can post their recommendations of top places to visit with their cat - from cat friendly stores and cafes to cat friendly vacation spots, and everything in between!
Dog Furiendly
How would you feel if your family and friends went for a nice meal without you? Well, now you know how the dog feels. Over 8 million dogs face this situation every single day. Dog owners are completely torn between staying at home with the dog or going out with family and friends.
Red Roof is pet-friendly with one well-behaved pet welcomed per room, nationwide, at no additional cost. Red Roof also offers a 15% discount for travelers who check in with their pet.
Find awesome places, restaurants and accommodation that welcome you accompanied by your dog.
Exotik Traveler
Exotiktraveler is a one of a kind travel company for those interested in customized unique experiences and pet friendly vacations. Contact them direct to make holiday bookings online!

Pet Relocation

Airpets are the UK’s leading pet travel agent, specialising in transporting pets across the UK and internationally. Whether you are taking your pet on holiday or relocating abroad, Airpets will ensure your pet receives a first class travel experience and arrives safe and satisfied.
We are an international travel agency for pets. We offer complete solutions in the transport of your pet, whether accompanied or unaccompanied.

Pet Travel Advice & Guidance

The Gibson Chronicles Blog
Our blog, The Gibson Chronicles, is a resource for anyone who considers their cats as part of their family. Whether it be within or beyond the house, we believe that our feline bests deserve the best. You can find advice, discussions, reviews, opinions from us and the community alike, and more upon visiting our website. 
Travelnuity Blog
Focused on dog-friendly travel around the world, Travelnuity provides hands-on information to other dog-loving travellers, whether about sight-seeing, transport options or where to stay, plus aims to inspire more people to travel with their dogs.
KittyCatGO Blog
We at KittyCatGO believe that enriching your cat’s life with adventure, big or small, will help to give your cat a more fulfilled life. We aim to educate, encourage, and help others to have successful cat adventures by sharing articles about training, gear, safety, tips, tricks, and more.
Reggie The Cockapoo Blog
Rain or shine, Reggie the cockapoo is always exploring in the Great outdoors. 
Catventurous Community
Catventurous is a cat-loving, environmentally-conscious community. We're here to help you give your beloved feline the fun, safe and catventurous life that protects both them and our precious biodiversity. With main focuses on keeping cats and wildlife safe whilst also reframing the human-cat bond.
Jarvis Dog Boarding & Training
Luxury dog training experiences for HNWIs who love to travel with their best friend. 
Paws PDX Travels Blog
Traveling with cats made easy(ier). Tips, tricks, and cat-friendly destinations. 
Our Pawsteps Blog
Our Pawsteps provides tips and resources to enrich you and your cat's lives through adventures. Visit the page to learn about the endless possibilities of raising an adventure cat!
Buddha The Scottish Explorer Blog
Discover dog friendly Scotland with Buddha the Pomeranian.
The Hiking Cat Blog
The Hiking Cat is all about normalizing walking your cat. We think taking your cat with you on adventures is such a great way to add enrichment to their lives, while also keeping them healthy and safe. We want to spread the word about adventure cats and inspire others with cats to join our awesome community!