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      The Cool Coat for Dogs


      This cool coat will quickly make your dog more comfortable in hot weather. Simply submerge the coat in cool water and put it on your dog, fixing it in place with the belly strap. The cool coat can be re-soaked as often as needed for continued comfort which is perfect for travelling with pets. 


      The kelvinator effect of moisture evaporating from the coat will ensure your dog's temperature will be reduced on a hot day. 


      Cool dog gear for hot weather


      - Reduces body temperature
      - Activated by water
      - Lightweight

      Sizing & Specs

      When choosing a cool coat size, measure from the base of your dog's neck to the base of their tail. 


       Size Coat Length Coat Girth
      XX Small 20cm 40cm (Max)
      X Small 25cm 50cm (Max)
      Small 30cm 60cm (Max)
      Medium 40cm 70cm (Max)
      Large 50cm 80cm (Max)
      X Large 60cm 90cm (Max)
      XX Large 70cm 100cm (Max)



      Do cooling coats for dogs work?


      The first thing to remember is that dog cooling vests are not a solution to dogs over-heating. The solution is to be cautious of when you are venturing outside and to consider the temperature and conditions for your dog as a responsible dog owner. The vest will cool your dog down quicker than without the vest however it will not necessarily keep them cooler for longer which is something to keep in mind.