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Extreme Monsoon Ancol Dog Coat

Handles Wet Weather and Tough Terrain | Internal Waterproof Layer | Rip-stop Nylon | Harness Hole Portal 

This Extreme Monsoon Ancol dog coat is designed for wet weather conditions and tough terrain. If your primary focus is walking or hiking in wet weather and your dog needs a breathable coat with strong protection layers including an internal waterproof layer, then the Monsoon dog coat is a fantastic choice.

It has layers protecting your dogs’ body from the water, brambles, and mud along with having a tough exterior to protect against coat tears and rips. It has underbelly protection to keep such a sensitive area dry and away from potential scrapes and scratches.

The coat features a chest protector for protection from rain and the Extreme Monsoon coat features a mesh liner to allow air circulation and keep your dog cool. The coat is made from durable and lightweight rip-stop nylon that is waterproof and windproof.

The Monsoon dog coat is skilfully tailored for an ergonomic fit and is adjustable at the girth, neck, and collar for a snug fit and added comfort.

Why it's great for adventures?

  • 5 reflective points for low-light visibility 
  • Waterproof nano-treated outer with rip-stop nylon
  • Water-resistant membrane for ultimate weather-proofing
  • Available in 7 sizes and 3 colours

Ancol Monsoon Dog Coat Features

The Ancol Extreme Monsoon Coat is the ultimate coat built for adventures in wet weather with features including: 

- A triple layer dog jacket; outer ripstop, water-resistant membrane and breathable base solution layer
- 3 Point adjustment for a perfect fit
- Harness hole portal allowing a harness to be placed under the dog coat
- Tail opening to ensure the fit remains snug at the back
- Elastic, adjustable leg straps to hold the coat in place
- Breathable and lightweight base layer to keep your dog protected but cool at the same time
- Ripstop top layer is tough to withstand rugged adventure environments
- Underbody protection from the water, mud, brambles, and thorns
- 5 reflective points for maximum night-time visibility in monsoon weather

Sizing & Specs

Ancol Monsoon Dog Coat Size Guide


Size Back Length Girth Measurement
XS 25cm 44-55cm
S 30cm 45-57cm
S/M 35cm 55-70cm
M 40cm 55-73cm
L 50cm 70-90cm
XL 60cm 70-93cm
XXL 70cm 80-160cm

Care Instructions: Machine Wash at 30 degrees, your normal detergent is fine but pure soap is gentler. Air-dry naturally, do not tumble dry.