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      Hiking Storm Chase Wrist Warmers

      For those who suffer from the cold, these StormChase wrist and hand warmers will ensure your wrists remain warm when outdoors hiking with your pets. Designed to be used for practically any sport or activity where comfort, warmth, support, and grip are essential. 

      🐾 Designed for outdoor sports and activities 
      🐾 Provide support, grip and warmth
      🐾 Comfortable to wear 

      🐾 Ease arthritic symptoms 
      🐾 Water resistant materials


      🐾 Made from soft, comfortable and breathable supplex and lycra 
      🐾 Water resistant finish
      🐾 Designed to ensure warmth and ease of movement during outdoor adventures
      🐾 Show your personality with the colour options
      🐾 A range of sizing options to ensure the perfect fit

      You won't know you are wearing them apart from when you are feeling warmer! Built to work best on a range of pet activities including dog walking, hiking with pets and catventures - helping to ease uncomfortable movement, strain and improve warmth and blood-flow whilst holding leads or carrying pet backpacks when travelling with pets. 

      Storm Chase wrist warmers are also useful for a range of other activities such as Equestrian, Golf, Shooting, Fishing, Cycling and Water sports right through to Archery, Quad Biking, and Gardening, these wrist warmers will ensure maximum comfort at all times.

      The  storm chase wrist warmer is also perfect for relieving the aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis. Providing therapeutic warmth and support they help increase circulation thus soothe aching joints and muscles.

      Sizing & Specs


      To ensure you purchase the perfect fit, please follow these simple steps:-

      • Measure your dominant hand (your left if you are left handed and your right if you are right handed) just below the knuckle around the palm of the hand. 

      • Then measure your forearm (at the widest point) before selecting the size you require.

      When you follow the size guide and where to measure, you will see the chart giving you two measurements for each area of your palm and forearm.

      If you measure in-between those given measurements the warmers will fit you. If you are measuring maximum on the palm and forearm we suggest you should go up to the next size. You need it to be snug with no restriction.


      The wrist warmers should be snug but a comfortable fit.






      7.5" - 8"


      15.2 - 17.8

      19 - 20.3


      7″ - 8″

      8.5" - 9"


      17.7 -20.3

      21.6 -22.9


      8″ - 9″

      9.5" - 10"


      20.3 -22.9

      24.1 - 25.4


      9″ - 10″

      10.5" - 11"


      22.9 -254

      26.7 - 27.94

      Medium Hand Large Cuff

      8″ - 9″

      10.5" - 11"


      20.3 -22.9

      26.7 - 27.94