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      Pet First Aid Trio: Spray-on Plaster, First Aid Spray and Blood Stop!


      Three specialist pet first aid items, each designed to help you treat your pet whilst out adventuring: 

      Spray Plaster for pets
      Pet First Aid Spray
      Blood Stop for pets

      Please note, due to transport regulations regarding aerosols (Spray plaster) this bundle is only available to UK destinations. 


      Pet spray plaster (200ml):
      The plaster gives bandage-like protection by forming a barrier to protect cuts and minor wounds from dirt, water, and germs. This then lets the cut or wound heal naturally while being protected.  The silver covering remains elastic and permeable to air,  It is easy to apply it too awkward areas and stays in place while the area heals.

      Pet first aid spray (200ml):
      This First Aid Spray is a versatile essential for animal first aid kits. Killing germs that can cause infections, irritations, or general skin complaints it will accelerate the natural healing process.

      Pet blood stop (25g):
      Blood stop is a coagulate powder that stops bleeding by forming a gel which when in contact with blood creates a gel barrier that stems the bleed. Unlike many other products of this type it does not sting or create a yellow stain. 


      Sizing & Specs

      - Recyclable bottle
      - Less than 1% Active Ingredient
      - Cruelty Free
      - Vegan Friendly
      - PH Neutral
      - Bio-degradable
      - Made in the UK