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      Pet First Aid Kit

      22 Pet Medical Supplies Bundled into a Pet Travel First Aid Kit

      On-the-go pet medical supplies packaged up into a first aid kit for pets!

      Why this is great for adventures:

      • It has a substantial amount of pet medical supplies (see the specs section)

      • It's easy to carry in a small zipped up bag

      • It gives you and your pet confidence to adventure

      We know how easy it can be to run into issues whilst travelling with your pet and how hard it can be to find all animal first aid equipment that you could need in one place. Dog walking injuries, cat walking injuries, and any other general pet injuries can happen at home and when travelling.

      This pet emergency kit will aid you with small injuries so you can carry out animal first aid and can suffice for severe injuries until you get to a vet. Features Dog and Cat First Aid Kit Features Small bag, big contents (22 supplies in total) Water-resistant packaging Easy to transport (grip handle) Lightweight & durable

      This pet first aid kit will ensure you have some peace of mind in a situation where you need to pre-treat before finding a vet or safe place. Packed full of medical supplies, so you can be ready to treat your pet quickly and safely should they suffer a cut, bruise or strain.

      Sizing & Specs

      An animal first aid kit needs to be portable and waterproof for adventures, so this kit is packaged in a water-resistant re-usable first aid bag (with added grip handle).

      Our pet first aid kit contents include:

      2 x Saline Pods 20ml

      1 x Medium Dressing Bandage with Ties

      1 x Large Dressing Bandage with Ties

      1 x Foil Blanket

      5 x Gauze Swabs

      1 x Microporous Tape

      1 x Conforming Pet Bandage

      2 x Pairs Vinyl Powdered Glove

      2 x Plastic Pouches

      4 x Alcohol-Free Cleansing Wipes

      1 x Scissors

      1 x Tweezers

      + room for additional small specialist items.

      Dimensions/Size 14cmH x 11cmW x 8cmD


      Can I buy a refill for my first aid kit?

      Yes, these are available here.

      Can this be used for Canine first aid?

      Yes, these can be safely used as a dog first aid kit or as a cat first aid kit. They can even be used with horses and other animals.

      Does this contain any pet plasters for wounds?

      The kit contains pet bandages as animals tend to enjoy pulling plasters off due to them being irritating.