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Designer Dog Collars

Dog Collars


The dog collar is one of the first things you will put on your puppy when they come home. It's a magical moment as it is like the official symbol of welcoming them into your pack. Choosing the right dog collar seems simple but you never end up with just one, you will more than likely need a couple for the different activities you and your canine pal have planned.

Nothing screams dog walking essential more than a good old fashionable dog collar. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring or not be adventure proof. We have both Tweed designer dog collars for the countryside hound that loves fashion for dogs as well as weatherproof and easy-to-clean dog collars made of Biothane. 

Dog collars also play a vital role in being able to identify your dog especially if they go missing. Having the right dog collar means you can attach an ID tag to your dog’s collar to help in case they get lost. 


BioThane Dog Collars 

The BioThane dog collars are made for adventure. Easy to clean, simple to maintain, waterproof and they come in a variety of colours for you to mix and match with Biothane leads to create a unique look. These handmade dog collars are easily wiped clean, making them robust and easy to maintain for a long dog walk. These collars are great for adventurous pets that like to get muddy or go swimming. They are sand, sea and salt resistant, waterproof and are handmade. 


Designer Tweed Dog Collars

It's not always about choosing a practical lead. Sometimes you may just stroll down the local streets, or are visiting your favourite dog friendly restaurant and need something which oozes design and class. For these occasions, look no further than our tweed designer dog collars. 

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Double Up EzyDog Collar Double Up EzyDog Collar
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Tweed designer dog collars Tweed designer dog collars
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