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Camping with Cats

Take Your Cat With You When Camping


Cats and camping, not just a great rhyme but a wonderful adventure when planned and executed well. 

When you first arrive at your chosen site for camping with cats, you'll need a safe and effective way to keep them occupied without them running away. We find attaching their leash to a tie out stake works best, just make sure to stay away from the treeline so they don't pounce and hide away! In case of worries of them escaping at any point in the trip a GPS cat tracker is the safest way to keep tabs on their movements, but don't forget an easy to read cat ID tag is also a must so if anyone but you finds them, they can easily reach you.


Cats and Camping

Keeping your camping cat safe whilst out in the wilderness or on a campsite should also entail a cat first aid kit, a strong and easy to clean cat harness as well as a reliable leash. For messier cats, we also recommend towel-off cat shampoo, cat drying mitts and plenty of cat safe hand sanitiser for yourself.

Enjoy every minute of camping with cats, from pitching up and exploring nearby, to cooking up some wholesome food and treats to snuggling under the stars. The purrs will say it all!