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Long Paws

Everyday Outdoor Dog Gear

The Long Paws range of outdoor dog gear is designed for people like us - people who appreciate the outdoors, enjoy being active, and love their dogs. Whether you enjoy running with your dog along a sandy beach, watching them chase squirrels up a tree, or hanging out together at the top of mount Snowden, Long Paws will help you keep your dog safe while you enjoy yourselves. Isn’t that what you expect from your dog gear?

That's what Long Paws is all about! Long Paws design outdoor dog gear that you can use everyday and everywhere.

They demand quality, and guarantee their workmanship. They spend their time at work making sure you can enjoy your time at play. They love what they do, and would not have it any other way.​

So get outdoors... and take us and your dog with you. Everyday Outdoor Dog Gear.

Long Paws Pet Water Bottle 

The Stainless-Steel Dog Water Bottle is made with your dog in mind. As your dog licks the cap of the bottle, the innovative dog water bottle releases water.

Cat & Dog Travel Water Bottle

The Long Paws Dog Water Bottle is ideal for carrying and dispensing water for your dogs while you're out and about. It is also great when your dog is thirsty during a run or walk – making it a great companion for your running dog.

Long Paws Neon Range

Autumn and winter mean you and your dog spend more time outside in the dark. Not only does it make your dog harder to spot while running around off the leash, but it puts them at greater risk if they end up near the road. And while you have a light on your dog's collar, it may not be switched on if they happen to slip out.

Long Paws Neon Collar, Neon Rope Lead, Neon Training Lead and Neon Lead

That's where the Urban Trek Neon range comes in. They make sure both you and your dog shine brightly all the time. The Long Paws Neon collars and leashes are made from the best high visibility material, and ensure you and your dog can be safely seen in low light environments. Using an extremely strong and brightly colour Neon webbing, that has high-quality 3M Scotchlite reflective strips woven in, to make the collar & leash glow when seen in headlights.


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