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  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Convenient to carry - No bowl needed
  • Space saver
  • Avoids spills and reduces water waste

 Water is released only as your pet licks directly from the sipper 

Have you ever been in that position when you suddenly need water for your pet during a day out and find there is none left? 

The water bowls left outside the shops and cafes are dry, there are no streams near-by and the water bottle quickly empties all over the floor due to the fast flowing action you did not want! 

Here is your BPA free pet bottle made for travelling pets which can be used by both adventure cats and adventure dogs alike. Featuring a patented slow-release system which helps you to avoid spills and waste, meaning you save water and important luggage space.



This free standing pet water bottle is made from sturdy, lightweight and rustproof stainless-steel plus BPA free plastic to ensure water stays clean and fresh. An added carabiner clip ensures you can easily carry it on your bag or belt whilst adventuring.   

  • Made from only hygienic materials which contain no harmful chemicals

  • Featuring patented lick'n'flow system - the unique sipper (similar to a hamster bottle) makes it ideal as a dog water bottle or cat water bottle

  • Free carabiner clips the bottle to your backpack or belt whilst adventuring 

  • Leak-proof screw-lid to avoid drips in your bag

  • Large separate opening for easy clean and fill which also doubles up as a medium sized bowl



Capacity: 500ml

Height: 20cm

Width: 7cm

Made from: Stainless steel & BPA free plastic 


Why is this the best pet drinking bottle for travelling?   

Our bottle has been tried and tested by a selection of both travelling dogs and travelling cats from all over the world. The verdict has been an outstanding array of 5* reviews due to its lightweight, sturdy and durable build plus it's unique patented water bottle technology. These factors make it easy to carry, a space saver in luggage and ideal to use with pets whilst on the move. Therefore making it the go-to travelling pet water bottle. 

How to use?

Adjust the height to suit your cat or dog and hold at a 90-degree angle for best sipper flow / water saving.

For first time use, hold at a 45-degree angle so your pet can see the water in the sipper and be guided towards drinking it - once they have got the hang of it, move to a 90-degree angle.

If you find your pet is struggling to get used to the sipper, try spreading some of their favourite wet treat (cheese, pate, fish) onto it as a lure.

Can it be used in any other way?

For those extra fussy drinkers, the lids can be turned upside down for use as a small or medium sized bowl. 

Can this be used for all species of pets? 

For travel, we have found this pet bottle works best as a portable dog water bottle or a portable cat water bottle with a minimal amount of training. Due to the similarity of a hamster bottle, it could however also be used as a small mammal water bottle. 

What is BPA?

Research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with BPA. Exposure to it is a concern because of potential health effects.

To reduce your pet’s exposure to BPA, try a stainless-steel pet water bottle dispenser. To go one step further, try one which offers a fun and interactive way for your pets to drink in a leak-proof, patented technology bottle which is perfect for your travels with your adventure pet. 

Help with shipping? 

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Help with returns? 

All our travel pet water bottles come with a lifetime guarantee, since they're built to adventure and last. So we hope you wouldn't need to return yours.

Nevertheless we operate a 30-day free returns policy. If you're not happy, then the Travfurler team are not happy.

For more details, you can refer to our returns policy found here:

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Dog Drinking Bottle 500ml

The ideal portable pet dog water bottle which can be used as a dog water bottle for walking or a dog water bottle for travel. (Long Paws pet water bottle) 

Cat Water Bottle

Keeping adventure cats hydrated whilst out walking can be a tough task, since many don't like drinking out of bowls or can be too nervous to drink outside full stop. Thanks to our unique animal water bottle, we can help you fight this issue. Especially ideal for cheeky cats who love to drink out of taps/hoses etc. 



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Capacity: 500ml

Height: 20cm

Width: 7cm

Capacity: 500ml

Height: 20cm

Width: 7cm

Capacity: 500ml

Height: 20cm

Width: 7cm